About CarCzar

Hello and thanks for visiting CarCzar! We are San Diego’s premiere auto buying service that strives to make your automotive experience easy and hassle free. 

We understand that you have many choices for selling your car. What sets us apart is that we are a small family-based and local company that treats you like family. Our small but dedicated team makes sure you will get the best possible deal for your vehicle. 

We also strongly believe in building long-term relationships based on great and personal service to make sure you are happy. If you are happy, not only will you come back to us in the future, but you will refer us to your friends and family and that makes us happy.

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to your team…


Gavin Millay
The CarCzar

Gavin is the company’s founder and affectionately known as “the CarCzar”. He is a San Diego native and an experienced automotive veteran. 

With 20 plus years experience, he has learned every aspect of the car business including sales, parts, service, detail, auction, retail, and plenty more. In short, he has all the insider knowledge to get you the best deal when selling your car.

Gavin’s passion and knowledge is the driving force behind CarCzar. It is not only what drives him, but what drives the entire CarCzar team to stand apart from the competition…


Customer Service

Chris is Gavin’s “right hand person.” Chris will contact you via phone or email and set you up to talk to Gavin. She is also available to schedule appointments and customer services issues.

Customer Service

Leo will talk to you on the phone or email and set up a time to talk to Gavin. Leo can also help you with appointments and general office issues.

Office Assistant

Dawn assists the CarCzar team with misc. office activities and also vehicle transports.

Gavin and the CarCzar team are your free expert assistants that you can trust. We explain all the details that are part of determining a fair price for your vehicle. We understand that you need knowledgeable assistance to get the best deal possible and to feel confident that you have been treated honestly and fairly.

Ready to sell your car? Let’s get started right now!

CarCzar has purchased thousands of cars in Southern California with satisfied customers since 2009.

Why CarCzar

Now that you’ve met the team, here are just a few examples of what makes us your go to partner when selling your vehicle:

  • We can usually beat CarMax! Providing that CarCzar agrees with CarMax’s written condition report of your test-driven vehicle. Please text/call or contact us with the CarMax offer.
  • We eliminate the hassles of selling a car yourself and take care of the details.
  • Avoid low-ball offers and buyers that are not serious, will get you the deal that works for you.
  • Don’t let dealers “steal your trade”, we can almost always beat dealer appraisals and written offers.
  • We can usually buy your car for as much or more than the “buyout amount”, saving you lease termination fees and put the money in your pocket.

Ready to sell your car? Let’s get started right now!

CarCzar is proud to have an association with Premium Auto Wholesale in Escondido, CA.