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Interested in Buying a Car?

CarCzar has an association and recommends Auto Advantage San Diego. Auto Advantage specializes in quality cars for under $10,000. We know how hard it is to find a clean, quality car at a fair price in this price range. Erik Bringleson, owner of Auto Advantage strives to exceed your expectations with great customer service and by delivering value and building trust.

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Personal Shopper Services

After being in a business for 15 years in San Diego and living in San Diego your whole life you tend to learn a lot about the business your in and the city you live in. To put it as humbly as possible, there is not a person in San Diego auto industry that is as trustworthy as the CarCzar and knows the auto business better. We have recently put together new services in which you can take advantage of the Car Czar’s knowledge and connections in the San Diego auto market.

PERSONAL SHOPPER – CarCzar offers our “person on the ground” service, meaning that we will send a hand picked auto industry expert out to meet you at the dealership to assist you in your purchase. Let us deal, negotiate and advise on your behalf at the dealership. Transactional items we assist with:

  • New or used car price and lease terms
  • Maximizing trade in value
  • Negotiate lowest interest rate
  • Minimal down payment negotiation
  • Back end product negotiation. We make sure that products like warranties, alarms, surface protection etc. are legitimate and sold at fair prices.
  • We make sure the used car your buying is everything it should be, at the price you should pay. Believe this, the Carczar could write a 500 page book on ways customers get misguided on used car purchases.
  • As important as anything, your industry expert will push to get you in and out of the dealership ASAP as we know you have better things to do than sit in a waiting room.

Please email us regarding our personal shopper service. Here’s the information we’ll need to get your car search started.


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